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Maritime atmosphere in Brandenburg

Floating houses insulated with Styrodur® C

Want to have a taste of Venice? You don’t have to travel all the way to the south of Europe. A harbor full of innovative living ideas is being built at the Geierswald lake in Brandenburg, Germany, using Styrodur® C as the central component of the insulation. The construction of 20 floating houses on steel pontoons and nine houses on land is a two-year joint project of the Wilde Metallbau GmbH of Massen and the steeltec37 company of Berlin.

These future-oriented houses are being made of steel and glass, using a modular construction technique to create 80 to 150 square meters of living space – and each house is augmented by a sun deck and its own boat dock so that a homeowner can go straight from the couch to the boat.

Environmentally friendly and stylish

The floating houses are connected to land only by a jetty that also holds the lines for the utilities. At the same time, homeowners are given the freedom to indulge their creativity, since the houses have no loadbearing walls on the inside.

Along with the futuristic architecture, an important aspect for the project developers was the use of environmentally friendly materials. This is why the comfortable climate inside the houses is being ensured by the green plastic Styrodur C, BASF’s extruded polystyrene (XPS), known for its excellent insulating capacity. Styrodur C is especially well-suited for this task since it is impervious to moisture. Splashing water in the area where the panels are installed, namely, in the steel joists of the houses, cannot do any harm to the hydrophobic Styrodur C. On top of it all, this green insulating material contains only air as the expanding agent, thus making an important contribution to environment protection.

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