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Flat Roof Insulation, Inverted Roof

The flat roof insulation in the form of an inverted roof convinces by its simple and quick construction. The Styrodur® insulation layer permanently protects the underlying sealing layer from harmful environmental impacts, especially temperature changes and mechanical stresses.

Duo roof

In the case of duo roofs in new building construction with high thermal insulation requirements, an additional Styrodur insulation layer is installed above the roof waterproofing on top of a conventional noninsulated roof with XPS panels.

Plus roof

In the case of plus roofs, a noninsulated roof that is already insulated with EPS or mineral wool is energetically improved by the subsequent installation of a Styrodur insulation layer based on the inverted roof principle.

Gravel, patio, green, or parking roof

Due to the free choice of the protective or wear layer for inverted roofs, they can also be designed as gravel, patio, green, or parking roofs.

Double-layer inverted roof

So far, inverted roofs could only be insulated with a double layer—and therefore more energy efficiently—with individual approval. The Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt, or German Institute for Building Technology) has now approved the double layer installation in gravel inverted roofs. Samplings and long-term studies of existing inverted roofs in Germany and Austria illustrate that Styrodur maintains its mechanical and physical properties over a very long period of time with virtually no variations. The accumulation of a permanent water film between the panel layers is largely prevented by the use of a water-draining and vapor-permeable separation layer. There is therefore no risk of excessive moisture accumulation in the lower panel layer, which could lead to a reduction of thermal insulation efficiency.

Product recommendations for gravel inverted roofs (installed with one or two layers), duo roofs, and plus roofs:

Product recommendations for parking roofs:

Product recommendations for patio roofs and green roofs:

1) Not under composite stone pavement

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