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BASF to participate in public consultation on flame retardant under REACH authorization

BASF opposes the authorization of a prolonged use of the flame retardant hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD). The use of HBCD – a flame retardant primarily used for polystyrene-based insulating foams and textiles – will be banned as of August 21, 2015 under the European Union’s REACH chemicals legislation unless it is expressly authorized for an applicant. Furthermore, HBCD is listed as a persistent organic pollutant (POP) by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
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First Styrodur® plant completely switched to new flame retardant

BASF is the first European manufacturer to have completely switched a production plant for XPS (extruded polystyrene rigid foam) to a new polymeric flame retardant (PolyFR). Styrodur insulating panels produced at BASF’s plant in Tudela, Spain, are now made exclusively with the polymeric flame retardant, which has a superior environmental profile while offering the same flame retardancy.
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Floating houses insulated with Styrodur® C

Want to have a taste of Venice? You don’t have to travel all the way to the south of Europe. A harbor full of innovative living ideas is being built at the Geierswald lake in Brandenburg, Germany, using Styrodur® C as the central component of the insulation...
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Approval for use of multiple layers under foundation slabs

DIBt (the German institute for construction technology) in Berlin has given its approval to BASF SE for use of multiple layers of Styrodur® 3035 CS, Styrodur® 4000 CS and Styrodur® 5000 CS. Approval has thus now been extended to use of two or three layers of these green sheets of extruded rigid polystyrene foam (XPS) as load-bearing thermal insulation under foundation slabs,...
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Water-repellant adhesive for thermal insulation of basements with XPS panels

For insulating buildings exposed to groundwater with Styrodur® C, BASF’s green extruded polystyrene rigid-foam panels (XPS), BASF subsidiary PCI Augsburg has recently developed PCI Pecimor DK, a water-repellant adhesive. This adhesive, which hardens quickly without releasing water, can be applied to the entire surface of the insulating panels. The function of the insulation is ensured along the perimeter, even in the case of temporary or permanent exposure...
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