Think ink! Up with performance, down with cost!

Looking to combine efficiency and economy in pigment production? Try BASF Joncryl® HPD resin grinding solutions and Joncryl® colloidal acrylic emulsions! They are proven winners.

In a highly competitive and commoditizing board market, how does a company actively manage and significantly reduce corrugated packaging costs? A review of efficiency in your ink production process could help.

Highly efficient grinding solutions Joncryl® HPD 396 and Joncryl® HPD 496 promote outstanding color development, gloss and transparency in printing inks for corrugated and paper board, and even for film. They increase pigment loading, as well as the shock and flow stability of pigment pastes and reduce milling times. They perform excellently in the manufacture of critical pigments, such as yellow and magenta. Both products are suitable for food contact applications.

You can increase efficiency and reduce cost-in-use still further with our acrylic colloidal emulsions. Joncryl® 668 and 669 give inks exceptional transfer properties, printability and hot mar resistance. They combine top print quality with lowest cost in use. Thanks to their highly efficient dilution properties, the final solids content in water-based inks is low, making it very economical.

The winning combination of our grind resins Joncryl® HPD 396 or 496, with a colloidal such as Joncryl 668 or 669 provide you with inks with good press performance and color strength resulting in high performance inks for corrugated board applications.

These are just some of the products that can help you raise quality and lower cost. For more information, please contact Tanja Kuiphuis.

Joncryl® HPD 396 Value Card

Joncryl® HPD 496 Value Card

Tanja Kuiphuis
Tanja Kuiphuis
Senior Market Manager
Resins for Printing Inks

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