Flexibility in flexographic printing of flexible packaging

Looking for possibilities to make use of the flexibility and cost effectiveness of short runs? Try our new ink resin, Versamid® PUR 2110, which enables flexographic printing also for retort applications.

You can use this new polyurethane resin in the formulation of 100% polyurethane-based inks for both non-retort and retort applications. Versamid® PUR 2110 is distinguished by numerous advantages over existing polyurethane resins, including improved flexographic printability, pigment grind properties and lamination bond strength across multiple substrates ‒ both before and after retort. These attributes make it suitable for high-performance adhesive lamination applications on a broad range of polypropylene, polyester and nylon films, amongst others.

And that’s not all: Versamid® PUR 2110 enhances the transparency and color strength of flexographic inks. End uses range from food contact applications such as cheese, coffee and meat packaging to retort pouches and boil-in-bag as well as microwavable packaging.

For more information, please contact Tanja Kuiphuis or check our Resin-Additive-Search.

Tanja Kuiphuis
Tanja Kuiphuis
Senior Market Manager
Resins for Printing Inks

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