Tackling the industry’s sustainability challenges

We are taking a closer look at sustainability challenges in printing & packaging, and show you how BASF is facing these with product innovations.

One of the key sustainability challenges in the printing & packaging industry is applications involving indirect food contact. Customers require information on migration and whether products are positively listed in food contact regulations.

This is where our Joncryl® FLX resins come in. For instance, they enable formulators to create water-based inks suitable for both surface and reverse print, making them ideal for packaging applications. We furthermore offer formulation additives that help reduce emissions, enhance resource efficiency, and offer compliance with relevant food contact regulations. Two examples are our Dispex® Ultra PX 4585 and Hydropalat® WE 3966, both highly efficient, low-VOC dispersing and wetting agents that are compliant with food contact regulations. And, last not least, BASF reliably supports you in meeting the latest requirements for pigments in printing inks used in food contact applications.
See how to meet latest regulatory developments here.

BASF continuously works on sustainable solutions. With our Sustainable Solution Steering approach, we are identifying key drivers and issues in the industry to be able to assess the sustainability contribution of each of our products in its specific application.

Find out more about Sustainable Solution Steering.

Download our quick guide to formulation additives for more sustainable printing and packaging inks here.


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