Try out our new, upgraded Resin-Additive-Search!

You can now find what you need even faster! To facilitate your search for resins and performance additives for coatings and packaging, we’ve incorporated some handy new features in the tool.

Navigation of our resins and additives search engine is now even easier ‒ we’ve introduced a new “delete all” button, for example. And we’ve made another time-saving improvement: you can now access directly from the website the technical data sheets for all printing and packaging products.

These are some of the latest additions to our search engine, designed to provide you with even better service. Resin-Additive-Search lists all our products and contains a short description of each one. You can filter your selection by technology, product type, product chemistry, application segment or substrate as well as through keywords. The direct link to our Solution Finder will help you to find the products recommended in your region. A “Get in contact” button enables you to obtain further, more detailed information or request a product sample.

Check out the new, upgraded tool for yourself!

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