Loxanol® MI 6730: Highly effective adhesion promoter

Loxanol® MI 6730 has especially been developed for film and foil applications. Used as a primer, it provides excellent adhesion for water-based, heat-seal coatings.

When used on aluminum foil and OPP, Loxanol® MI 6730 leads to higher bond strengths, which can be achieved at lower sealing temperatures. The aqueous solution of a cationic polymer based on polyethylene imine is highly effective in multilayer packaging films manufactured by coating, lamination, extrusion coating, or co-extrusion. In composite films (laminates), Loxanol® MI 6730 allows the use of material combinations – resulting in improved physical, chemical, and mechanical properties.

UV-curable systems have, depending on the formulation, insufficient adhesion due to a high shrinkage of the film inks during curing. The usage of Loxanol® MI 6730 in a diluted form as a primer improves the adhesion of UV-curable inks on difficult substrates, such as aluminum, plastic film, or wooden surfaces.

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