Higher curing speed for increased formulation flexibility

Laromer® PO 9139 is the new amine-modified polyether acrylate in the BASF energy cure product portfolio for printing and packaging applications.

Thanks to its high reactivity, Laromer® PO 9139 is ideally suited for use as a reactivity booster in low-migration UV inks and overprint varnishes for sensitive applications such as food packaging. These applications include narrow-web printing, for instance labels. Laromer® PO 9139 can also be used in overprint varnishes applied on for example cardboard boxes.

The benefits of Laromer® PO 9139 are clear:
• Significantly increased curing speed of low-migration UV inks and overprint varnishes
• Significantly improved curing speed in combination with type I and II photo initiators
• Strongly improved curing speed of overprint varnishes with high-power UV LED
• Excellent surface curing under UV as well as UV LED conditions
• Substantial increase in curing speed of 10% to 15% in flexo ink let-down while maintaining good solvent resistance

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