Joncryl® FLX: Successful print trials!

Water-based inks formulated with resins from BASF Joncryl® FLX portfolio deliver proof of performance in numerous print trials.

Over the last months, print trials on several substrates with water-based inks based on different Joncryl® FLX types have again shown convincing results. Joining forces with ink producers and machine manufacturers, we put Joncryl® FLX emulsions to the test. We printed on OPP, PET, and nylon substrates and laminated to aluminum as well as PE film. The film structures obtained are very suitable for use in candy, crisps, coffee, and cheese packaging – confirming the printability properties of water-based inks!

Our resins provide the water-based technology platform for surface and reverse film printing inks, among others. But they are more than just a cost-effective and eco-efficient substitute for solvent-based inks – the print trials are an important step in our commitment to supporting printers and converters with sustainable solutions. The results deliver tangible proof that our technologies enable the conversion to water-based printing and converting – without compromising on performance.

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