Join the team for water-based technology!

As we all know: We are more likely to win when we join forces with different players. This also goes for the conversion to water-based printing inks for packaging.

The market for water-based inks continues to grow – not only in terms of paper substrates but also for flexible packaging. To accelerate this technology, we encourage all market players to work together on driving the conversion towards water-based printing inks.

Our experience in collaboration with Comexi, a printing machine manufacturer, and different inkmakers at Drupa 2012 and Interpack 2014, for example, has been very positive. Most recently, we teamed up on communication activities with a customer that shares the same objective as BASF: making the conversion to water-based printing ink successful in the flexible packaging market. Our joint development work has resulted in water-based printing inks entering the flexible packaging printing market. Examples can actually be found in the supermarket already today. We realize that water-based printing inks for flexible packaging will not become the standard technology overnight. But BASF expects continuous growth. Let’s join forces and make water-based film printing happen! Just get in touch to evaluate potential fields of collaboration:

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