Is it real wood?

Announcing Joncryl® 2040, décor paper for imitation wood that is ideal for applications ranging from flooring and kitchens to furniture and furnishings for the home or the office.

The new addition to the family, Joncryl® 2040, is a synthetic alternative to casein agents for décor inks. It provides a range of advantages: better performance stability, reduced risk of bacteria contamination, and good permeability, to name just a few. Ink formulators will also enjoy the fact that Joncryl® 2040 is a ready-to-use binder – meaning it does not require dissolving or any other preparatory steps. It is compatible with standard water-based pigment pastes, including Joncryl® HPD 396 and Joncryl® HPD 496, providing good color strength and enhanced ease of use. What’s more, because it is synthetic, it gives you improved price stability and consistent quality compared to natural raw materials such as casein.

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