Innovative solutions for UV-curable inks

As a major resin and formulation additives producer, we are helping UV ink manufacturers to develop practical solutions that are suitable for indirect food contact.

When printing labels and packaging with the ink-jet printing process, the industry predominantly uses UV-curing inks. For indirect food contact applications, however, there are concerns about whether the extremely low-viscosity UV inks are suitable with regards to migration.
As one of the leading producers of radiation-curable raw materials and formulation additives for inks and coatings, BASF helps UV ink manufacturers to develop practical, innovative solutions that are suitable for indirect food contact in the packaging industry. During the RadTech Europe 2015 trade fair in Prague, Czech Republic, from October 13 to 15, we presented our concept study for water-based UV ink-jet technology.
This technology is aimed at the development of raw materials for low-migration UV ink-jet inks, expanding the scope of UV ink-jet printing to cover indirect food contact packaging applications.
Overall, our portfolio for UV-curable inks covers a broad range of resins and additives. To give just two examples: Efka® PX 4733 and Efka® PX 4701. Both are high molecular weight dispersants well suited for improving pigment grinding in UV Flexo, offset, and ink-jet applications. This innovative technology provides lower viscosity with improved gloss, transparency, and stability in combination with a broad range of pigments.

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