Closing the gap for water-based applications

The Hydropalat® WE series of wetting agents and surface modifiers for water-based printing and packaging applications offers you a broad range of formulation options.

Hydropalat® WE 3650, Hydropalat WE® 3197 and Hydropalat WE® 3694 are designed for water-based ink applications, such as corrugated packaging, industrial printing, and flexible film packaging:

Hydropalat® WE 3650
is a solvent-free, low-foaming, substrate wetting agent based on modified alkoxylates.
Performance highlights are:
• Excellent substrate wetting, even under high speed application
• Low dynamic surface tension in combination with low foaming
• 100% active, liquid product form, solvent-free and APEO-free
• Swiss Ordinance List A and/or B conformance

Hydropalat® WE 3197 / Hydropalat® WE 3694
are low-foaming, TMDD-free wetting agent based on fattyalcohol ethoxylates. Performance highlights are:
• Excellent substrate wetting, combined with low surface tension
• Excellent anti-cratering
• Broad food contact compliance incl. Swiss A listing

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Hydropalat WE 3650

Get a general overview on the water-based portfolio of wetting agents and surface modifiers.

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