Good print quality and low costs in use: Joncryl® 669

BASF’s new Joncryl® 669 is an acrylic colloidal emulsion for corrugated and paperboard inks – now available with even better printing performance.

Combining excellent print quality and lowest cost in use, Joncryl® 669 is very suitable for the corrugated board market where low costs are in strong demand. When printing with inks based on Joncryl® 669 the press performance properties are improved. Due to its very efficient dilution profile, the final solids content of Joncryl® 669 in a water-based ink is low. Thus, it is a very economical colloidal on the market today. Its good press performance and color strength make Joncryl® 669 a good choice for use in inks for pre- and post-print corrugated board and kraft paper applications. Just get in touch with to receive more detailed information.

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