Looking for Formulation Additives with Food Contact Compliance?

BASF supports sustainable development in the printing and packaging industry by offering formulation additives that help to reduce emissions and enhance resource efficiency.

As food contact compliance is one of the key drivers for sustainability in printing and packaging, our products come along with global registrations and compliance with relevant food contact regulations.

Our brochure on Food Contact Compliance provides ink and paint formulators with an overview of our broad range of food contact compliant additives, including defoamers, rheology modifiers, dispersing agents, wetting agents, surface modifiers and plasticizers, giving them greater freedom in formulating inks, coatings and adhesives.

The brochure is a snapshot of the regulatory status of each product mentioned at the date of publication. Please check with our PSR department (ed-psr@basf.com) for the latest Food Contact Statement.

Here are some highlights from our food contact brochure:

Wetting agents for water-based systems:

Hydropalat® WE 3475/3477

  • low surface tension also at higher speed
  • reduction of minimum film forming temperature
  • very broad food contact compliance

Hydropalat® WE 3197/3650

  • low foaming wetting agents, low surface tension

Hydropalat® WE 3966

  • improved shock stability
  • improved ink transfer
  • improved compatibility
  • very broad food contact compliance

Hydropalat® WE 3220

  • suitable for both wb and UV systems as compatibilizer and substrate wetting/leveling agent

Dispersing agents:

For UV-systems:
Efka® PX 4701

  • excellent dispersant for both UV-flexo and ink-jet applications

For water-based systems:
Dispex® Ultra PX 4585

  • excellent dispersant for both wb-flexo and ink-jet applications (incl. carbon black)

Dispex® Ultra FA 4437

  • excellent dispersant for both wb-flexo and ink-jet applications
  • broad food contact compliance

Food Contact Compliance Brochure

Peter Bene
Peter Bene
BASF Personal Care and Nutrition GmbH

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