New solvent-free dispersant improves ink flow in white UV-ink systems

With its high pigment and filler loadings, Efka® FA 4611 enables mill base viscosity to be substantially reduced and rheological behavior improved in UV curable systems.

This new dispersant (copolymer with acidic groups) provides excellent stabilization of inorganic pigments, in particular titanium dioxide. Efka® FA 4611 is broadly applicable, due to its solvent-free character and compatibility with a wide range of resins, including UV acrylic, polyurethane and unsaturated polyester. It is also very suitable for high gloss UV systems.

Specially designed for solvent-free systems, Efka® FA 4611 offers the following benefits in UV curable systems:

  • Strong reduction of mill-base viscosity
  • Improved rheological behavior
  • High pigment loading
  • Broad compatibility with a wide range of resin systems (e.g. UV acrylic, PUR, UPE)
  • No negative influence on gloss

Efka® FA 4611 can be used in both solvent-based and solvent-free industrial and OEM/refinish coatings, wood coatings, printing & packaging, and composites.

For further information, check our Solution Finder or download the following:

Efka® FA 4611 Value Card

Efka® FA 4611 Technical Data Sheet

Efka® FA 4611 Customer Presentation

Peter Bene
Peter Bene
BASF Personal Care and Nutrition GmbH

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