A cure for corrosion – Waterpoxy® 801

Looking for an effective epoxy hardener for anti-corrosion primers with rapid film cure properties? Waterpoxy® 801 could be what you’re after.

Compatible with most commonly used water-based epoxy binders, Waterpoxy® 801 is suitable for use in formulations of anticorrosive coatings for industrial applications. Quick sanding and overcoating as well as rapid curing plus a definable end of pot-life are amongst the benefits of this hardener. Moreover, Waterpoxy® 801 is highly resistant to chemicals.

For more information, please contact Martijn Fossen, martijn.a.fossen@basf.com

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Martijn Fossen
Martijn Fossen
Commercial Marketing Europe Resins & Additives for Automotive & Industrial Coatings

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