Tinuvin® DW series now with improved stabilizer package

BASF introduces the new Tinuvin® DW (N) range for enhanced light stabilizing performance with all kinds of water-based applications.

Demand for additives in water-based applications has grown in the past two years. Thus, too, has the need to further improve product stability and ensure a sustainable labeling of BASF’s water-based light stabilizer dispersions, the Tinuvin® DW product series.

The answer: BASF’s new Tinuvin® DW (N) range:
• The Tinuvin® DW (N) series contains a more effective biocide mixture of 1,2-benzisothiazol-3-(2H)-one (BIT) and zinc pyrithione (ZP), which ensures even better protection against contamination. These types do not require the EUH 208 label.

• The products Tinuvin® 123-DW (N), Tinuvin® 400-DW (N), Tinuvin® 477-DW (N), and Tinuvin® 5333-DW (N) are now available. The previous types will be phased out by the end of 2016. Tinuvin® 479-DW will be updated to Tinuvin® 479-DW (N) at a later stage.

All product properties of this new series – including the light stabilizing performance, active content, and product specifications – will remain the same as for familiar Tinuvin® DW products.
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