Lower viscosity and color, better performance

Tinuvin® 249 is a novel non-basic hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) with an improved price-performance ratio. It shows lower viscosity, which means easier handling and less waste.

Officially launched at the ECS 2015, Tinuvin® 249 represents a new generation of light stabilizers for coatings. Compared to Tinuvin® 123 and regular n-octyl HALS products, new Tinuvin® 249 features a lower viscosity and lower color. For you as a coatings producer, that means you have clearer films and easier handling. Colors remain truer to the original hue, with no color change over time. Plus, the oil-like consistency of Tinuvin® 249 makes it easier to handle, which, in turn, results in time savings and waste reduction. At the same time, exudation in polar systems is brought down to a minimum and the compatibility in polar systems, e.g. epoxy-carboxy systems, has been enhanced. Now producers in the automotive, industrial, and wood coatings sector have a cost-effective, light-stabilizing solution with broad compatibility.

For more information, please contact martijn.fossen@basf.com.

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