BASF expands UV resins portfolio with standard epoxy acrylates

We’ve increased our portfolio of UV resins to now include five new standard epoxy acrylates – the Laromer® EA series.

To provide you with a wider selection and broader toolbox for the formulation of coatings, we at BASF are continuously updating and enhancing our resin portfolio. That’s why we are happy to announce that we have five new standard epoxy acrylates on offer as part of our comprehensive UV resin portfolio.

Standard epoxy acrylates from BASF offer firm hardness, high reactivity, and good chemical resistance. The following products are new in our portfolio:
• Laromer® EA 9138 (75% standard epoxy acrylate in 25% TPGDA)
• Laromer® EA 9143 (75% standard epoxy acrylate in 25% GPTA)
• Laromer® EA 9124 (80% standard epoxy acrylate in 20% HDDA)
• Laromer® EA 9082 (70% standard epoxy acrylate in 30% TPGDA)
• Laromer® EA 9097 (60% standard epoxy acrylate in 40% TPGDA)

But we are not resting on our laurels. We will soon broaden this product family even further: with dilutions of 80% standard epoxy acrylate in GPTA and 70% standard epoxy acrylate in DPGDA. So stay tuned for more!
Just get in touch with Tunja Jung to receive more detailed information.

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