Sovermol® 830 for 2K PU: New bio-based polyol

In floor coatings, we are facing challenges such as emission reduction, chemical resistance, and durability. Our new, natural oil-based polyol, in combination with polyisocyantates as 2K PU system, is the sustainable and versatile answer!

Sovermol® 830 is the latest member of BASF’s family of high-quality, bio-based polyols sold under the Sovermol® trademark. This new polyol is tailored for 2K PU applications such as indoor concrete flooring, adhesives, or pipeline coatings with drinking water contact. The product contains over 90% renewable content and enables extremely low-emission 2K PU coatings.

Due to a specific chemical modification, this polyether-ester polyol has excellent hydrophobicity allowing excellent curing properties, even in challenging curing environments with high humidity and temperatures. Due to its high filling levels and low processing viscosity, Sovermol® 830 helps to lower the overall cost of a formulation. In addition, the product shows outstanding flexibility even at low temperatures, which prevents cracks from spreading in the substrate. It is therefore the ideal solution for durable coatings.

Check out key data and test results here.

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