Smooth surfaces for industrial floorings

Meet our newest member of the Efka® family: hazard-label-free defoamer Efka® PB 2744, especially designed to give excellent appearances for 100% solvent-free industrial floorings.

A flat, smooth surface is the first impression of quality when it comes to industrial coatings. That’s why BASF now offers Efka® PB 2744, a new, ultra-low VOC defoamer providing excellent efficiency, long-term persistency, and effectiveness against macro- and micro-foam. It enhances leveling and surface smoothness, and improves storage stability. Efka® PB 2744 has been especially designed for industrial flooring compositions which have to comply with the latest construction norms (e.g. AgBB). Together with our sustainable Sovermol® polyols, we have formulated PU-flooring compositions with a significantly improved surface appearance compared to other defoamers in the market.

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