Next-generation wetting and anti-cratering agent

Our new Efka® WE 3050 is especially designed to provide a strong reduction of surface tension even under highly dynamic application conditions.

The innovative structure of Efka® WE 3050, which is based on CFRP block fluoro-copolymer technology, leads to significantly improved wetting and anti-cratering behavior compared to conventional random fluoro copolymers. Efka® WE 3050 allows formulators to spray thinner, defect-free films. The block copolymer structure results in a significantly improved dynamic behavior. It is compatible with solvent-borne systems and has no influence on surface slip. Other benefits include superior multi-resin compatibility, excellent flow, enhanced surface smoothness, and increased gloss. Efka® WE 3050 shows unique performance for solvent-based and solvent-free systems.

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