The water-based way to keep white bright

White is always right in the home. Its popularity and the increasing demand for the highest stain resistance in white pigmented coatings resulted in the development of the new water-borne UV resin, Laromer® UA 9134 Aqua.

Laromer® UA 9134 Aqua is our first water-based binder specifically designed for white pigmented topcoats. This high-performance, radiation-curable dispersion is suitable for wood, wood products, paper, and plastics such as PVC. The special nature of the dispersion ensures highest chemical resistance in white pigmented coatings. This prevents color-intense aqueous substances such as red wine and coffee from penetrating the film and leaving stains in the coating.
Further benefits include good resistance to sunscreen and suitability for outdoor applications as well as excellent adhesion on plastics and metal. Laromer® UA 9134 Aqua contains no bisphenol A-based products or organo-tin. And it is highly compatible with other UV Laromer® products and with Joncryl® dispersions.

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Axel Becker
Axel Becker
Technical Marketing Manager Furniture & Flooring Europe

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