Laromer® PR 9119: Powerful alternative to BPA-based resins

With its latest UV-curable resin, Laromer® PR 9119, BASF has developed a high-performance alternative to BPA-based epoxy acrylates.

The use of bisphenol A (BPA) is a hot topic in the coatings industry and subject to evaluation by the REACH authorities. Already today, a BPA substitute is required for several applications, e.g., IKEA’s IOS-MAT 0054, restricting the use of BPA-based coatings.
The new Laromer® PR 9119 is one of the first all-round UV resins in the market not based on BPA that achieves performance levels comparable to conventional epoxy acrylates. It offers firm hardness for high resistance, fast reactivity for efficient production, and chemical resistance against tough stains. To enable sophisticated designs, Laromer® PR 9119 is easy to matt.
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