Meet the new Hydropalat® SL 3682 anti-blocking agent

This new highly effective anti-blocking agent – designed for water-based paints, coatings, and ink systems – offers excellent slip and mar resistance.

Hydropalat® SL 3682 is an aqueous dispersion of an ultra-high molecular weight silicone that provides excellent slip, scratch and mar resistance, and anti-blocking properties.

It also shows broad compatibility with different aqueous binder systems, and it is more sustainable because the formulation does not contain a tin catalyst or ethylbenzene.

Your benefits with the new Hydropalat® SL 3682:
• Provide customers a product with excellent slip, mar resistance, and anti-blocking properties
• More sustainable because it is free of tin and ethylbenzene
• Be more flexible due to broad compatibility with different binder systems
• Suitable for glossy and matt pigment systems, and clear coats (OPV)

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Find out more about the new Hydropalat® SL 3682 at our Solution Finder.

Hydropalat® SL 3682 Value Card

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