Radiation curable systems – a host of highlights

Discover our latest products highlights for radiation curable systems in the field of furniture and flooring, printing and packaging, and industrial applications as well as our cutting edge formulation additives.

Furniture & Flooring: Laromer® PO 9139 is a fast curing reactivity booster with very good surface curing properties under LED lamps.

Printing & Packaging: Laromer® PO 9137 is a new low migration reactivity booster for UV LED and low energy UV curing applications for UV flexo inks and varnishes.

Industrial applications: Laromer® UP 9151 is a new unsaturated polyester resin for temporary corrosion protection of steel pipes, axes, break discs and other metal car parts as well as coatings on plastic.

Formulation additives: Besides additives with excellent slip and substrate wetting, for example Efka® SL 3259, and improved leveling, for example Hydropalat® WE 3220, we offer products for 100% UV systems, including dispersing agents for organic pigments. These have a positive effect on viscosity, as well improving color strength and gloss.

For more information, please contact Maximilian Hofmann, maximilian.hofmann@basf.com

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Maximilian Hofmann
Maximilian Hofmann
Commercial Marketing Manager Resins & Additives for Furniture & Flooring Europe

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