Efka® PX 4751: The next generation dispersing agent

Our new, high-performance Efka® PX 4751 polymer for solvent-based pigment concentrates is broadly compatible with a wide range of resin systems.

Star-shaped polymers have shown to be highly efficient and suitable for a large number of applications. Our new dispersing agent, Efka® PX 4571, thanks to its novel star-shaped structure, absorbs very quickly into the pigment surface, resulting in improved stability of the pigment concentrate. Efka® PX 4751 shows benchmark performance for a variety of pigments and is compatible with a wide range of resin systems such as acrylate/CAB, 2-pack solvent-based PUR, solvent-based alkyd/melamine, and 2-pack solvent-based epoxy systems. The best results can be achieved in resin containing pigment concentrates based on Laropal® A 81.

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