Efka® PX 4350: For the perfect refinish

Our high-performance Efka® PX 4350, designed with Controlled Free Radical Polymerization (CFRP) technology, sets a new standard in dispersing organic color pigments.

Dispersing agents based on CFRP technology allow for the production of polymeric dispersants with a defined polymer architecture and low polydispersity index. They offer high efficiency in stabilizing pigments and demonstrate excellent compatibility with many solvent-based resin systems.
Our Efka® PX 4350, made with CFRP technology, provides Newtonian rheology even at high pigment loading and delivers high-gloss results due to excellent compatibility and improved pigment dispersion. It shows benchmark performance for a wide variety of organic color pigments, including β- and ε-Cu-phthalocyanine and phthalo green pigments, and is highly compatible with a wide range of resin systems. Due to its good compatibility with CAB systems, Efka® PX 4350 is especially recommended for automotive refinish applications.

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