BASF wetting agent is top for plastic substrates

A recent study gives high marks to the wetting agent Hydropalat® WE 3370 – good news for the automotive industry.

Appearance and adhesion are key performance characteristics for any coating, especially when it comes to in-demand plastic substrates. That’s why BASF conducted tests with different types of wetting agents on plastic substrates, for instance like those used in the automotive industry. They showed pronounced differences on plastic substrates – yet Hydropalat® WE 3370, in combination with Joncryl® 8211, resulted in the best overall results.

The fluorinated acrylic polymer Hydropalat® WE 3370 combines good wetting characteristics with very little influence on adhesion and defoaming characteristics. Fluorinated polyacrylates are a very versatile group of interfacially active additives. They combine excellent flow and leveling with anti-cratering and good wetting behavior. Additionally, they have clear advantages with respect to intercoat adhesion and foam stabilization.

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