Available soon: New Larotact® 150 crosslinker

BASF offers a powerful solution for high-class coatings. Larotact® 150 assures performance and gloss, while supporting formulators to produce label-free coatings. Sampling has started!

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Our industry is continuously working to improve the performance of coatings. Surface hardness as well as resistance against chemicals and weather are only some of the properties in the spotlight. Larotact®150 is a low molecular mass crosslinker for baking finishes. It combines melamine and urethane chemistry, and can be used in solvent-based 1K or 2K PU stoving coatings and as a stand-alone crosslinker.
Larotact®combines high gloss with high performance: Our testing on clearcoats formulated with Larotact® shows improved hardness and resistance in all relevant dimensions. It will be globally available as of September 1, 2015.

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